1. Long Live the Liver Cleanse!

The liver cleanse is the single most powerful and quick way to load up on energy! Our liver has everything to do with life and regeneration, that is why it is called “Live – r”. It is essentially the main powerhouse in our body, our main battery where energy is processed and stored for later use. It is also our body filter, it stores all the toxins we eat and drink and prepares them to leave the body. Things go smoothly with our energy until our liver clogs up with toxins and, like any old and worn-out battery, cannot hold enough power any more. Liver, according to Chinese Traditional Medicine, pertains to the element of Wood and the emotion of Anger. Mentally, it is responsible for successful strategy and planning, just like wood, it helps you grow and prosper (bear fruit). Toxic and pent-up emotions like anger and frustration can also build up in the liver and gallbladder and you now have gall stones and fatty liver that is no longer working properly. Hence the expression somebody “has the gall to” do something bitter and insulting. Our emotions can literally make or break our health!

The liver cleanse program is probably the single most immediate treatment that will boost your energy tremendously in the long run. A word of advice – always consult your alternative medicine practitioner before embarking on a liver flush program and always save it up for Spring time, especially if you are doing it for the first time! By expelling all the garbage out of your liver, you will let it breathe for a second so that it can now deal with restoring your energy levels. Just about everyone these days needs to do the program at least once a year. Heal your Liver and start living it up!

2. Barefoot sun walking (dancing)

That covers a lot of our needs – fresh supply of Vitamin D, fresh air, healthy negative ions from the soil. When you plod around in the grass with your bare feet, you ground yourself and dump into the ground all that electromagnetic radiation from telephone towers and wi-fis that you are soaked with. That makes room for fresh and healthy sun radiation that gets your mood and energy flowing. It could be barefoot sun dancing/yoga/qi-gong or kung-fu, for that matter – you can combine it with your favourite routine to squeeze the most out of the experience. - But I can’t find pinch of earth around me in this concrete jungle and it is winter time now!”. People on the Internet have reported that a bucket of soil to plug your feet into and a southward-facing window are a good substitute, 15 minutes are plenty!

3. Cultivating sexual energy

Sexual fluids are a perfectly refined and immensely rich cocktail of nutrients, it contains the best part of us, the part that we would logically want to pass on to our children. This hold strong especially for boys – when a male ejaculates, he depletes his body of the energy and nutrient equivalent of a couple of beef stakes, a bowl of eggs and a kilo of nuts – try eating all this twice a day to keep up with your naughty habits! Reproduction instincts are an extension of the survival instinct (think about it) so it is top priority for your body to replenish your sexual “fuel” and to do that, it sometimes shuts down all other “secondary” functions like mental sharpness, fitness and muscle strength. Fatigue and dullness set in, you start to lack mental clarity and feel like sleeping over the rest of your life.

Every farmer knows that plants get bigger and stronger and bear bigger fruits when you pinch off most of their buds. It is the same with people, sexual stamina and creative power are just two forms of the same energy – you always have one at the expense of the other. Nikola Tesla and Mahatma Gandhi, Leonardo Da Vinci were among those, who practised celibacy in their struggle for higher purpose. You can either try pacing your acts of pleasure or abstaining completely from sexual activity for a few weeks and see for yourself if you get a surge of creative energy. You can also try out some Daoist Sexual practices with your partner if you still want to enjoy sex and hold your power at the same time.

4. Get gluten and dairy off your diary!

Bread, pastry and especially milk products are the most common allergens as nearly one third of the world’s population has a crunchy time digesting the proteins they contain. Hidden food intolerances often explain those unresolved issues of random fatigue. First time I quit bread and cheese I felt electrocuted with energy, my brain had turned into a Google server, whizzing and clicking with new ideas. The occasional brain fog is now a thing of the past as I have more space for clear thinking and deeper perception of things. You can easily go off gluten for keeps but watch your calcium levels when have not had dairy for a while. Calcium that is found in milk products is the mineral that suffers first when you are under heavy stress. There are also other rich sources of calcium such as sesame seeds, almonds, flax seeds, tofu and kale.

5. Energetic practices

They work both on your physical and more subtle bodies, giving you a profound feeling of wellbeing and power. Yoga, Qi-Gong, Tai-chi and Reiki are a common weapon of choice in their various forms as well as some other routines like The Five Tibetian Rites and the Sun Salutation routine. Deep belly breathing is another relaxing and nurturing technique that does not even take you off the office chair. Just keep your spine straight, inhale deeply into your diaphragm and lower abdomen, keep it down there for a few seconds and let it out. Doing these routines for just fifteen minutes a day is less than no trouble and that is enough for you to double your stamina and firepower!

6. The mattress matters!

Always have an early night and try to catch the 22pm flight for dreamland! Ancient Chinese medicine teaches that organs take turns to regenerate during the 24 hour cycle. Apart from the brain that rests only when we sleep and meditate, every major organ system has its own 2 hour repair time. For example, the gallbladder and liver combined (probably the most stressed out organs in your body) rejuvenate from 0 to 4 am, lungs unwind from 4 to 6, large intestine follows until 8 am and stomach, spleen, heart, small intestine, bladder, kidneys and pericardium are next until 22. If you have trouble with a specific organ, it is wise to regularly have a short siesta during its restoration cycle. The 22 – 0 gap is of special importance – it is the time when all organs at the same time get some peace and quiet and get ready for the next day of gruelling work. So if you absolutely have to stay up all night and can spare only 2-3 hours for sleeping, make sure it is between 21.30 and 0.30, that compensates for the rest of your sleep. Sleeping is just like having a meal – it is all about quality and timing. Never overdo it, 8 hours is plenty for a healthy grown-up. Having a 12 hour napping marathon and you will end up looking like a hypnotized sloth the next day!

7. Declutter!

Get rid of all the junk you don’t really need from your physical, emotional and mental worlds! That one is the hardest part but pays off the most. Do you really need that old collection of fishing magazines or plush toys? Chuck all those clothes, magazines, handbags, furniture and random dustballs that you will never need again. Or give them a chance for new life and donate to charity. Ditch all the stupid habits, time-wasters, energy sucking friends and empty ambitions that do not really make you happy and fulfilled. Get rid of those energy drains and focus on just a few major goals and important people, you will never again leave anything important hanging. That way you do not give out your brightness randomly around you like lightbulb – you learn instead to focus your light like a laser. Learn to take out your mental and emotional garbage from time to time – just learn to make your mind stand still and Be Present. Meditate, become thoughtless, formless and boundless and then get back to Earth to carry on with your work. Meditate, concentrate and illuminate your life with freedom!

8. Smile to make it all worthwhile!

Emotions are actually subtle energy that ebbs and flows in us, e-motion (energy in motion). Some emotions move us up while others drag us down – we often feel completely sapped not by the stressful event itself but by the bleakness and emptiness that invade us. Keeping a positive outlook also stimulates hormone and neurotransmitter production. Hormones and neurotransmitters like testosterone, dopamine and serotonine are what gives us drive and inspiration. There are three fundamental rules for keeping an upbeat attitude in yourdaily life. Be enthusiastic about what you are doing, enjoy what you do or at least accept it as necessary for the moment. If you cannot cover at least one of those conditions, then reconsider what you are doing. That way you will always be emotionally at peace with yourself and what you are doing and there will be no doubt lurking around at the back of your head. Let your perky smile be your style!

9. What you give is what you receive.

Learn to be selfless in your actions. Not only do you subconsciously do everything in your life for more than yourself, but you also align yourself with a Higher Power that nurtures us with love and provides abundance in our lives. That union with The Source gives your inner strength and guides towards progress. Volunteer with a charity and ecological movement or start one yourself – you will soon recognize the familiar endorphine rush in your veins that comes from your selfless devotion. Embrace an intimate relationship based on unconditional love, trust and sharing. Sacrifice your energy and time for that relationship, take care of the person next to you. Learn to make a difference between „I love you because I need you and your company“ and „I need you and your company because I love you“. I suggest that you seek our a partner that resonates more with the second statement and don’t ever let go!

10. And now for the secret weapon in the arsenal…

Take contrast showers and then soak your feet in hot Epsom salt or sea salt water! The showers works like a hydro acupuncture, the waves of hot and cold water get your circulation in a rush. Once you get your blood racing around your body, it can now easily absorb critical minerals from the water through your feet and transport them around the body. Don’t go eskimo! The idea is to have nice contrast for ten to twenty seconds of showering a bit on the cold side and then immediately the same ten to twenty seconds that are a bit on the hot side. Repeat a couple of cycles and always finish with a bout of cool water.