20131114-IMG_6881My name is Yav and I am the creator of Civiwise!

Graphic designer by trade and soul explorer by heart, I am also a keen photographer, mad mountain trekker, designer and occasional runner, juggler and climber with a secret passion for adrenaline… I also love to experiment with different forms of art and sometimes make new ones – I do not like to keep my creativity in captivity!

It all started in the summer of 2009 when I came down with a chronic illness that would keep me bedbound for the next two years - the single most thought-provoking and character-building experience I have ever had! Having all that time for myself, I could settle down in contemplation and self-examination – what a huge personality upgrade! It took tremendous courage and faith to get back on my feet as I slowly healed myself and it has now been a long time since I last had any complaints! Being so close to the edge, I can now really appreciate the vibrant feeling of being fully alive and I want to share that feeling with you!

Motivation is my vocation and I am here to push and prod you to do more with your life! Civiwise is about personal empowerment as well as humility and gaining insight into your own life. I aim to take you on an inner journey of self exploration where you will learn how to be successful through a wiser and healthier lifestyle.