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Good Morning Mr. Occupier, Time To Pay Your Taxes!

From New York to Rome and Athens and from Occupy Wall Street to Arab Springs and Gentle Revolutions, millions of desperate people hit the streets with indignation and hope. Banks and public buildings are set ablaze and riots escalate as the public rides the emotional roller coaster of blinding anger. Governments and dictatorships give way to new forms of administration and those who have already scrambled their thoughts from the raging stupor are now starting to ask questions. Are we really changing anything or just rearranging the actors and decors while the same old play goes on?

One third of the USA population is now on food stamps and unemployment is virtually unknown – the official statistics show how many people turn up at the unemployment office each month but not the number of those who have lost all hope and stopped searching. Overseas in Europe, half the member countries are sinking in the biggest debt crisis in the history and EU citizens have to tighten their belts more and more with each year because of the imposed austerity measures that will hopefully help slow down the coming avalanche of unpaid debt. But why are those people protesting, didn’t they vote for their governments?

Lets face it, protests would be banned outright if they made any difference on their own, the same goes for voting. Even […]

Ten Things That The World Needs Most


1. Empathy

The closer we are brought to the rest of the world by television and the Internet, the further we detach ourselves mentally from the rest of humanity and nature. People are being bombarded by news of suffering and injustice, but media coverage and graphic images of pain have the opposite effect – they make us colder and more adapted, not necessarily more concerned. To empathize is to feel what the person in front of you is feeling is going through regardless of age, sex, bank account or even moral values – usually the most depraved psychopaths have had the hardest background and need love most. Empathy is the ultimate vehicle for evolution, it teaches us an important lesson – life is hard for everyone and it depends on us if we will keep making it harder for each other.

2. Critical Thinking!

We have long ago entered the information Age which, as any other thing, is a double-edged sword. With all the information readily available on the Internet, smart people get smarter while dumb people sink deeper into mediocrity. What we all need more to be a part of the smart ones is critical thinking. It is a subtle mixture of intuition, moral values and pure intellect and it filters all the crap that comes at us from all sides. Critical thinking shields against media […]