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Ten Things That The World Needs Most


1. Empathy

The closer we are brought to the rest of the world by television and the Internet, the further we detach ourselves mentally from the rest of humanity and nature. People are being bombarded by news of suffering and injustice, but media coverage and graphic images of pain have the opposite effect – they make us colder and more adapted, not necessarily more concerned. To empathize is to feel what the person in front of you is feeling is going through regardless of age, sex, bank account or even moral values – usually the most depraved psychopaths have had the hardest background and need love most. Empathy is the ultimate vehicle for evolution, it teaches us an important lesson – life is hard for everyone and it depends on us if we will keep making it harder for each other.

2. Critical Thinking!

We have long ago entered the information Age which, as any other thing, is a double-edged sword. With all the information readily available on the Internet, smart people get smarter while dumb people sink deeper into mediocrity. What we all need more to be a part of the smart ones is critical thinking. It is a subtle mixture of intuition, moral values and pure intellect and it filters all the crap that comes at us from all sides. Critical thinking shields against media […]

  • Being a vegetarian vs. eating meat.
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    Vegetarian, fructarian or omnivore barbarian – is it really that simple?

Vegetarian, fructarian or omnivore barbarian – is it really that simple?


Vegetarian lifestyle has boomed in the last decade, meat free culture is now becoming more widespread than ever. It is no longer considered an abomination or eccentric behaviour if you turn down your thanksgiving turkey as more and more celebrities adopt a meatless diet and look amazing in their late 60s and 70s. The following lines cast more light on the price that we pay for eating meat and the compromises that we make when we stay away from it out of health or moral reasons.

Meat the truth.

Most people still keep on gobbling down whatever tastes good, even though what you eat is by far one of the most self-defining activities. Others follow indiscriminately the latest dieting fad in their desperate hope to see the promised results. However, few are those, who read between the lines on the list of ingredients and really think about the whole background of the food on their plate – how and where it was planted, raised, fed and transported to the table. The truth is that consumer grown cattle and poultry are not what we bargained for. Conveyr belt meat is a ghastly cocktail of hazardous chemicals that wreak havoc on our physical and mental health.

Lets examine closely the life cycle of a chicken in the average chicken farm – it is hatched, raised and dispatched in less […]

How to Find Your Life Purpose

Too often we wonder what the purpose of life is but seldom do we contemplate the purpose of our own lives and our place in the world. Some live too much in the „here and now“ and become anchored down by materialistic goals and desires, others seek refuge from the harsh reality in the spiritual planes and fairytale worlds of their own. What they lack is a common language with their own Self and they really become strangers in their own inner kingdom. I will not try to write your self-exploitation manual for you – everyone has it written in a different language, so we will simply try and teach you to read it yourself!
To understand the nature of any personality ailment, we first have to look into the nature and origin of ourselves. The human being is a very cleverly designed alloy of physical body, subtle energy field, psyche and Spirit, that should normally be the master of the Whole. Our intimate wishes and life missions, our inborn inclinations and the love that we connect with is what we are deep down – the gentle flow of our indestructible and eternal Soul. The rest is just masks and costumes that we wear to play roles before others and before ourselves.
The fact of the matter is, we have become hostages of our own cluttered […]