Ten Ways To Keep Your Brain Happy And Sane!


1. Switch off early!

I can’t emphasize this enough – get plenty of sleep (but not too much, or you will end up looking like a drunk sloth), keep it between 7 and 9 hours (more after a gruelling day or when ill) and preferably from 22.00 till 6-7. Babies sleep away their first years and they have the fastest growing brains. Have some offline time two hours before you hit the bed and unplug all devices in your bedroom for better and rejuvenating pillow experiences.

2. Mission nutrition!

Get off the sugar roller coaster right now! It not only depletes your neurotransmitters (any addiction does) but also starves your brain – sugar is mopped up quickly by insulin and all you are left with is a blood sugar bottom until your next fix. Get complex carbs – your thinking box likes a steady flow of energy. Never go off carbs completely for more than a few days. Load up on Omega 3 fatty acids, it is like building blocks for the brain, fish oil, flax seed and other nuts have plenty of it. Red and purple berries are the antioxidant wizards for the brain, they will amp up your short term memory and give you all-round brain protection. And never overdo all that – less is more when you are at the table.

3. Eat […]

10 Smart Ways To Boost Your Energy


1. Long Live the Liver Cleanse!

The liver cleanse is the single most powerful and quick way to load up on energy! Our liver has everything to do with life and regeneration, that is why it is called “Live – r”. It is essentially the main powerhouse in our body, our main battery where energy is processed and stored for later use. It is also our body filter, it stores all the toxins we eat and drink and prepares them to leave the body. Things go smoothly with our energy until our liver clogs up with toxins and, like any old and worn-out battery, cannot hold enough power any more. Liver, according to Chinese Traditional Medicine, pertains to the element of Wood and the emotion of Anger. Mentally, it is responsible for successful strategy and planning, just like wood, it helps you grow and prosper (bear fruit). Toxic and pent-up emotions like anger and frustration can also build up in the liver and gallbladder and you now have gall stones and fatty liver that is no longer working properly. Hence the expression somebody “has the gall to” do something bitter and insulting. Our emotions can literally make or break our health!

The liver cleanse program is probably the single most immediate treatment that will boost your energy tremendously in the long run. A word of […]

  • Being a vegetarian vs. eating meat.
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    Vegetarian, fructarian or omnivore barbarian – is it really that simple?

Vegetarian, fructarian or omnivore barbarian – is it really that simple?


Vegetarian lifestyle has boomed in the last decade, meat free culture is now becoming more widespread than ever. It is no longer considered an abomination or eccentric behaviour if you turn down your thanksgiving turkey as more and more celebrities adopt a meatless diet and look amazing in their late 60s and 70s. The following lines cast more light on the price that we pay for eating meat and the compromises that we make when we stay away from it out of health or moral reasons.

Meat the truth.

Most people still keep on gobbling down whatever tastes good, even though what you eat is by far one of the most self-defining activities. Others follow indiscriminately the latest dieting fad in their desperate hope to see the promised results. However, few are those, who read between the lines on the list of ingredients and really think about the whole background of the food on their plate – how and where it was planted, raised, fed and transported to the table. The truth is that consumer grown cattle and poultry are not what we bargained for. Conveyr belt meat is a ghastly cocktail of hazardous chemicals that wreak havoc on our physical and mental health.

Lets examine closely the life cycle of a chicken in the average chicken farm – it is hatched, raised and dispatched in less […]