Self Growth

Ten Reasons To Quit Your Job And Never Look Back!

1. Get your life back

Now you are reading this article, chances are that you did not choose your profession by conviction. Most people imprison themselves in the office for trivial reasons like the paycheck or family pressure. When a man chooses his career path, he should make the choice as if money didn’t matter. Imagine yourself living on a deserted island or winning the 10 million lottery, what would you do then, regardless of money? You now go ahead and do that thing. Doing what we don’t like is the same as being not being what we want to be and nothing hurts more than that!

2. Take care of the soul

Working for yourself and leaving your own life is an enormous creative and energy boost. The very thought that you are working for someone else is enough to create emotional blockages and lead to slow spiritual and emotional death. The only reason that you haven’t yet suffered a breakdown is that slavery keeps you rooted in an inertia that bores you numb and keeps you going automatically even through the most boring office chores. There is an immense satisfaction in following your heart’s will in everything you do!

3. Health is wealth!

Offices are insecticized, scrubbed to the bone and civilized to insanity, yet they are just about the most dangerous place for your health. […]

The Low News Diet


Mass media is the fast-food industry of news. The average newscast is like a calorie bomb of mind-numbing and gut-churning horror stories that does not raise your cholesterol but could easily lead to a heart attack. The sugary sentimentalisms and gossip stories we have become used to are irrelevant at their best and provide little focus and essence. In the next lines you will learn more about the health and mental benefits of going on a news fast.
There are three kinds of news that we usually see in the TV and radio broadcasts. Most abundant seem to be the cruelty packed horror episodes of accidents, domestic violence, war conflicts and other trivial atrocities. All that brings on a fear induced mental paralysis that stifles your life. Second most prevalent are gossips stories that are supposed to make you drool after celebrities and their lifestyle or other distractions from your own life. What comes up least often is real media coverage of relevant recent events that concern your own life. The question is – are you willing to go through all that babble to hear 10 seconds of real information?
We all more or less fall prey to mass media in the following subtle ways:

Are you left with a buzzing headache and a mild depression after your daily news break? It is then time […]

Creative setting – Chasing Places Of Inspiration

There is a reason why places like San Francisco, Soho in London and the whole of Italy attract artists from all corners of the globe – there is a specific vibe around such creative oasises that resonates with the artist’s soul. From vagabond poets to eccentric painters and the average blogger, they all come back to their favourite bohemian style cafe for a creative boost. Where do we find such places and how do we make the most of them? The following tips will come in handy for everyone that has an artistic side and wants to tap into the colourful spirit of artistic places.
Get around!
Pack your paintbrushes, camera, laptop, guitar, saxophone or whatever contraption it is that you use to channel you creativity. Visit the world’s meccas of art – Venice, Rome, San Francisco, Buenos Aires, Prague… Places of creativity usually have a moderate climate – mellow weather soothes the soul makes man more cultured and refined. Chat with people there, visit the cafes, galleries and museums, soak yourself into the Art-mosphere! Do not forget to drop in at a famous artist’s home that was turned into a museum, it will provoke your imagination and evoke artistic visions. You then take all your round the world experiences and apply them to your home city, do some street art, paint your balcony in the […]

How to Find Your Life Purpose

Too often we wonder what the purpose of life is but seldom do we contemplate the purpose of our own lives and our place in the world. Some live too much in the „here and now“ and become anchored down by materialistic goals and desires, others seek refuge from the harsh reality in the spiritual planes and fairytale worlds of their own. What they lack is a common language with their own Self and they really become strangers in their own inner kingdom. I will not try to write your self-exploitation manual for you – everyone has it written in a different language, so we will simply try and teach you to read it yourself!
To understand the nature of any personality ailment, we first have to look into the nature and origin of ourselves. The human being is a very cleverly designed alloy of physical body, subtle energy field, psyche and Spirit, that should normally be the master of the Whole. Our intimate wishes and life missions, our inborn inclinations and the love that we connect with is what we are deep down – the gentle flow of our indestructible and eternal Soul. The rest is just masks and costumes that we wear to play roles before others and before ourselves.
The fact of the matter is, we have become hostages of our own cluttered […]