There is a reason why places like San Francisco, Soho in London and the whole of Italy attract artists from all corners of the globe – there is a specific vibe around such creative oasises that resonates with the artist’s soul. From vagabond poets to eccentric painters and the average blogger, they all come back to their favourite bohemian style cafe for a creative boost. Where do we find such places and how do we make the most of them? The following tips will come in handy for everyone that has an artistic side and wants to tap into the colourful spirit of artistic places.

Get around!

Pack your paintbrushes, camera, laptop, guitar, saxophone or whatever contraption it is that you use to channel you creativity. Visit the world’s meccas of art – Venice, Rome, San Francisco, Buenos Aires, Prague… Places of creativity usually have a moderate climate – mellow weather soothes the soul makes man more cultured and refined. Chat with people there, visit the cafes, galleries and museums, soak yourself into the Art-mosphere! Do not forget to drop in at a famous artist’s home that was turned into a museum, it will provoke your imagination and evoke artistic visions. You then take all your round the world experiences and apply them to your home city, do some street art, paint your balcony in the colours of the rainbow, organize a musical flash mob in the city square, add your own piece to the colourful puzzle! The world now is going through a deep spiritual crisis that desperately calls for more passionate art. Be the inspiration that you want to see in the world!

Get out!

When I think about creation I think about Nature itself. It is the quintessence of creativity, a perfect blend of design and engineering. It moves, rolls, thunders, flows, blows and exists through its intricate system of structures, veins, branches and substances and is in a perfect harmony with itself. Nature speaks to us in its quiet but profound language but we have long ago lost our ability to understand it. Get out in the open, camp, sing below the stars, paint and take pictures! Nature has a way of calming our spirit and making our mind still and it gets the creative juices flowing in us. Build a small tree house or a log cabin in the woods and turn it into your creative nook. Keep it only to yourself and your closest friends – you don’t want to disturb the atmosphere that lives inside! Visit the seaside if you have the chance, water will get your emotions flowing and feelings are the greatest catalyst for art and creativity!

Spice things up at home!

Feng shui is about finding harmony in the place where you spend most of your life – your fortress, sanctuary, the home. The interior of your home or workspace may not strike you immediately as a life-changer, it influences in a more subtle way and the fact that you spend half your day there makes the difference. Let me illustrate this point more clearly. Imagine having an armchair where you sit and feel at ease with at first, how do you feel after an hour of sitting there? How about four hours? Few armchairs will provide comfort for longer periods and few workplaces will still be a pleasure to stay at towards the end of you day.

Creative Feng Shui… not just mean decoration, I mean turning the whole place into a fairy tale home! Unleash your craziest fantasies upon the place – paint all the walls in different colours, install a toilet plate chandelier and grow ivy on the windows. Do not make compromises with your inner expression and imagination – make it unique! Experiment with moving around the furniture in different ways every week and take pictures of the whole place. Then compare the snaps at the end of the second month and decide when your room looked best… rearrange back to that coveted setting! A fish swims best in familiar waters!

Open freelance workspaces.

A relatively new trend among self-employed designers and artists is catching on fast. These creatively designed offices provide the perfect habitat for freelance animals – they often have chill out lounge for socializing, a conference hall for sharing your ideas and an overall bohemian interior and relaxed feeling in the air. All that at your disposal against a monthly fee that will probably cost you less than renting a studio or an office. Above all, open workspaces provide perfect social environment for like minded people who share their inspiration with each other. There you will find an astounding synergy of ideas – everyone contributes to the common pool of creativity and everyone is free to tap into it. Imagine a place where you leave all your trouble, negativity and inhibitions at the front door and be yourself with people like yourself! Imagine creative paradise!

Make your mind an artistic retreat!

Creativity is a delicate combination of imagination, inspiration and a little bit of logical thought. Art is also about balance – to create means to dance with the rules of the Creator and be a perfect example of balance yourself, a mini version of the Universe. Every artist knows that inner freedom, free flowing of emotions and the lack of a few social inhibitions are keys for success. What constricts your soul deep down? All sorts of emotional and psychological luggage like fear, lies, shame and guilt often sets us back and slows our spiritual evolution. Try to work out issues with your spouse, family and friends, it will make you feel lighter and more creative. We are our own prisoners and it is wise to try to free ourselves from the shackles from time to time. Adorn your inner world with paintings of harmony and fill it with songs music of truth, be the architect of your own mind!