Too often we wonder what the purpose of life is but seldom do we contemplate the purpose of our own lives and our place in the world. Some live too much in the „here and now“ and become anchored down by materialistic goals and desires, others seek refuge from the harsh reality in the spiritual planes and fairytale worlds of their own. What they lack is a common language with their own Self and they really become strangers in their own inner kingdom. I will not try to write your self-exploitation manual for you – everyone has it written in a different language, so we will simply try and teach you to read it yourself!

To understand the nature of any personality ailment, we first have to look into the nature and origin of ourselves. The human being is a very cleverly designed alloy of physical body, subtle energy field, psyche and Spirit, that should normally be the master of the Whole. Our intimate wishes and life missions, our inborn inclinations and the love that we connect with is what we are deep down – the gentle flow of our indestructible and eternal Soul. The rest is just masks and costumes that we wear to play roles before others and before ourselves.

The fact of the matter is, we have become hostages of our own cluttered mind, our psyche has taken charge with all its complexes and flaws. We have essentially created for ourselves a crafty self-trickery machine made of the psychological distortions we have adopted through our upbringing, school indoctrination and social pressure. The Ego and its demons will always be hard at work and eager to lead you astray until you find out about their evil plans.

Now that your psyche has hijacked you, it is free to take over every aspect of your life. You become easily manipulated by your primitive passions and your emotional roller coasters. Lost in the jungle of your own anarchic mind, you become more and more confused and frustrated. And the more ruffled and vulnerable you are, the more you start to turn to quick and easy solutions and void-fillers that ultimately enslave you more. Now you are trapped in a never ending and self-perpetuating cycle of self-made threats, financial slavery and scarcity and lower desires that ultimately leads to a slow spiritual death.

We are all hungry for spiritual growth, some of us just haven’t found their right diet. People try to fill the gap in different ways. Some start idolizing a role model and adopt his personality which gives you a comfortable facade to hide you insecurity behind. Many do that subconsciously – the desperate lust for money most often comes from the need to copy other people’s success. By imitating idols and role models, we become nothing more than an empty box of flesh that carries the echoes of other people’s ambitions.

Other people make up false gods of their own. They narrow-mindedly turn their profession or hobby into a fetish and clutch at it with both hands, leaving all else behind. Being a specialist in just one tiny niche and devoting your whole life to it is not what your soul wants. Every human beings needs to immerse itself in both science (analytical part of the brain) and art (creative part), literature, sport, family, love and a social environment to discover all aspects of its complex nature. By going just in one direction, we cut off parts of ourselves that remain unexplored and waiting to be tapped into.

There are even more temporary fixes and retreats from reality for those that are more weak and hurt by their lack of spiritual center. Drugs, alcohol, casual sex, food cravings, gambling addiction, TV brainwashing programs, computer games and pornography all lull our consciousness to sleep. Addictions are just a symptom that the person is desperately trying to stop the torturing pain by dulling his senses and that does not work for long.

Spiritual crisis is the beast that has devoured the whole world, it is the first apple that got rotten in the bucket. The financial, environmental and war crises are just consequences. The darker the night is, however, the brighter candles glow and the best part is that you just have to bring your own candle to the one next to you that glows strongest. Do you wish to enlighten yourself? Here are some tips for finding your life path:

University of diversity!

The goal here is to bring balance and diversity into your life with new hobbies, friends, art, theatre and whatever else you have never tried before. People are prone to make a fetish of their professions or hobbies in their desperate search for meaning just like people lose themselves in a toxic relationship because they are afraid of being alone. Little do they know that by idolizing anything, whether it is goal or activity, you are actually running away from it. Being accomplished in anything means being good at everything. To illustrate this point we will introduce you to the life of a heavyweight judo champion. Judo is a fairly straightforward game with simple rules. Yet in his free time, the champion plays chess to teach him strategy and timing (the right moment to attack) and he also plays the saxophone – it teaches him to be creative and to improvise in the game. A successful man uses his hobbies and sidelines as crutches that support him through hard times and balance his personality. By rediscovering hidden and untapped parts of yourself, you will also have more chance to stumble upon your vocation.

Make your own kind of music!

Sing! It will literally help you tune in to your inner voice. Just like an instrument, your voice needs to be calibrated to perfection first before you play the concert of your life. Singing is all about balancing and refining the voice – one of the most self-defining parts of you. Singing also harmonizes the energy center near your throat, the fifth or „throat“ chakra. The fifth chakra deals with communication, both with people around you and with your own self. It is about getting across your ideas to others and listening and also about being a good listener. Singing is truly a miracle that helps you to literally tune in to yourself, to find your inner voice. Sing, learn to cherish and appreciate your voice! Then share it with others!

Turn a new page!

This one is the easiest to do on the list and yet sometimes it works best. Just find blank piece of paper and start to make a list of your what you like doing most. Simply jot down haphazardly whatever comes first to your mind. Practise often. You will soon feel that the mere thought certain activities brings on a rush and emotions and sends shivers down your spine. Make a short list, refine, bring it down to just a few things. Repeat the process with them and pay attention here – do not think about why you think you cannot do a certain job, think about whether it inspires you and animates your soul. Now you go on and do that thing!

Cut the anchors that hold you back.

What you need to do is unbox your mind, free it from the emotional and psychological clutter and all the energy drains like fashion and the rat race of making more money to buy stupid things you do not need. Make room for your own life and goals, learn to direct your vital energy only towards what really matters to you. Embark on a personality hygiene program – cut the cords with negative friends, toxic relationships and even family member if they cut your wings. What frustrates you that you know you shouldn’t put up with? No compromise is worthy enough if it stops you from being the creator of your own fate. Perfection is not reached by heaping new stuff one on top of another but by eliminating what you do really not need and that holds true for everything – poetry, music, art and of course, for life itself.

Far from the madding crowd.

There comes a moment in our lives when we find ourselves sitting at a crossroad and we instinctively feel the need to spend some time alone to get rid of the background noise of our hectic society and make room for our inner voice. It is best done through complete detachment and the ideal place for that is a mountain hut or other recluse in the nature. You will be better off with a place that you are already familiar and comfortable with – packing your bags for an exotic and unknown country will just keep you too overwhelmed and preoccupied to find time for yourself. Or at least spend an hour everyday ONLY with yourself if you are too tied down to your daily routines. Music, books, movies and other sneaky intruders are not allowed, you need to HEAR yourself think. Remain with your own thoughts, study and sort them out. Then meditate and become thoughtless – you need to empty your cup first to fill it up with something new.


Love is at the crux of human life, it is the single most powerful motivator and catalyst of the evolution of the soul. Loving sincerely and selflessly opens up a surefire communication line with your inner self. Your heart was made as pure as your Soul and through your heart your Spirit expresses its most profound need – to love and be loved. Find somebody to love and find somebody that loves you!

Now that you have explored all corners of your soul and tamed the darkest parts of yourself, you really have the leverage and wisdom to make a difference in this world and fight injustice, poverty and suffering. You cannot win the battle with others while you are losing the battle with yourself! Be the architect of your own life! You are not the King in your game of chess, no matter what your ego told you – you are the player who moves all the figures and plans all the moves!