From New York to Rome and Athens and from Occupy Wall Street to Arab Springs and Gentle Revolutions, millions of desperate people hit the streets with indignation and hope. Banks and public buildings are set ablaze and riots escalate as the public rides the emotional roller coaster of blinding anger. Governments and dictatorships give way to new forms of administration and those who have already scrambled their thoughts from the raging stupor are now starting to ask questions. Are we really changing anything or just rearranging the actors and decors while the same old play goes on?

One third of the USA population is now on food stamps and unemployment is virtually unknown – the official statistics show how many people turn up at the unemployment office each month but not the number of those who have lost all hope and stopped searching. Overseas in Europe, half the member countries are sinking in the biggest debt crisis in the history and EU citizens have to tighten their belts more and more with each year because of the imposed austerity measures that will hopefully help slow down the coming avalanche of unpaid debt. But why are those people protesting, didn’t they vote for their governments?

Lets face it, protests would be banned outright if they made any difference on their own, the same goes for voting. Even if votes were actually counted and elections were not rigged, which I doubt, we would still not have a real choice. Choosing a new government is like going to the cinema to see a movie – you can only choose a movie that is on tonight, but not something else aside from what has already been chosen for you. But it is different with elections – you have to sit out the whole lousy movie, even if you did not bargain for it. You cannot fight democracy with voting and other democratic means, it is like trying to catch a spider in its own net.

Why do protests these days rarely lead to positive and sustainable change? Because they lack positivity and vision – instead of screaming and rampaging in their tantrums, people need to gather around a compelling idea that has the purity and focus to manifest something new. Aren’t protests supposed to be also constructive and suggesting an alternative? Doesn’t “pro” in protest mean “in favour of”? There is one more thing I suspect that gets in the way. There are two ways to sabotage a protest – by infiltrating it from within and by seeing which way the wind is blowing and using the potential to start a movement yourself before real activists get the chance. Who are the anonymous, for example? Hackers that vote online for their next moves and decisions? That is like the guild of signature forgers voting for their next chairman by signing a petition. I am not pointing fingers here, just expressing lack of credibility…

There are only three Solutions to the rampaging financial, spiritual and political crisis – Sustainability, Spirituality and Sympathy. All else is just cheap temporary patches that alleviate the symptoms while the actual illness gets even worse.


Being sustainable means having a productive and enduring life and relationship with nature and society and above all – embracing freedom and the responsibilities that follow. Go sustainable! Escape the rat race of working yourself to the bone to buy stupid things you don’t need. The common man suffers from a self-perpetuating cycle of self-made financial scarcity, chasing an illusion of happiness that was not there in the first place. Make room for the things that really matters for you, align your priority list with your conscience and moral principles. Wean yourself the corporate tit and take up a more fulfilling and purpose-oriented vocation. Start a small enterprise or find an alternative means of income that thrives as far away from the financial system as possible. And you don’t have to pay all the war crime taxes that help support the rotting system. Peaceful demonstrations are only effective when they are backed with civil non-cooperation, otherwise we are pressing the gas and the brakes pedal at the same time. We as human species bear collective responsibility even for the most isolated cases of atrocity as it was up to us to nip them in the bud – wars for demon-cracy are financed with our money.


Turn off your TV and turn on your IV – your Inner Voice. Pause for a minute and listen to yourself, spend some time alone in contemplation. True spirituality is not about lashing yourself on the back for the sins you have committed – that only brings about more vice. It has also little to with following a religion or a guru. Pure spirituality is about deep self knowledge and making wise life decisions. You cannot conquer evil without facing your own demons first. And the biggest demon is called fear – it is the primary weapon of choice that mass media uses against you!


Sympathy and empathy even for the most depraved dictator are crucial. Violence for the sake of self-defense is more than justified but setting buildings on fire and clashing with the police is done not out of self-preservation but comes from the primitive instinct for retribution. An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind, Ghandi said. It means to sympathize even with those that are blind and blank-hearted. They are even more in need of love and understanding. Break the cycle of hatred! Do not let the violence and aggression around you breed the same inside your heart. Fighting violence with violence is like attacking a snowman by throwing snowballs at it – it only becomes bigger and stronger!