1. Switch off early!

I can’t emphasize this enough – get plenty of sleep (but not too much, or you will end up looking like a drunk sloth), keep it between 7 and 9 hours (more after a gruelling day or when ill) and preferably from 22.00 till 6-7. Babies sleep away their first years and they have the fastest growing brains. Have some offline time two hours before you hit the bed and unplug all devices in your bedroom for better and rejuvenating pillow experiences.

2. Mission nutrition!

Get off the sugar roller coaster right now! It not only depletes your neurotransmitters (any addiction does) but also starves your brain – sugar is mopped up quickly by insulin and all you are left with is a blood sugar bottom until your next fix. Get complex carbs – your thinking box likes a steady flow of energy. Never go off carbs completely for more than a few days. Load up on Omega 3 fatty acids, it is like building blocks for the brain, fish oil, flax seed and other nuts have plenty of it. Red and purple berries are the antioxidant wizards for the brain, they will amp up your short term memory and give you all-round brain protection. And never overdo all that – less is more when you are at the table.

3. Eat the right kind of food! 

You need to balance your menu when it comes to Ph balance and eat according to season. Nature is the best nutritionist – season food diets will provide you with the right nutrients in the right time when you need them. Most of us or those around us are still on the SAD (standard American diet) mind-body torture and it gives us blood that is too acidic to get adequate oxygen to our brains.

4. Learn to juggle!

Juggling helps you to sync your left and right brain hemispheres and balance your creative with your analytical side. When you juggle, your brain struggles with a completely new kind of experience. As a result, both the gray matter and the white matter of your brain are beefed up and you end up being smarter. And you get to impress that girl you have been looking for a chance to ask out. There are too many juggling tutorials polluting the Internet to go into that here. Practicing left hand writing and stunts like waving your hands around at the same time but in different direction will lead to the same unusual brain experience and left-right hemisphere syncing but it will not be as rewarding as jugglingLearning to juggle is not such a struggle, try it!

5. Get going! 

Learning does not always increase the count of your brain cells, it just builds bridges (axons) between them. Getting around more often, however, will lead to more brain cell production AND you do get to learn new stuff in the process. Jogging, cycling, swimming and other aerobic activities will also charge up your brain with fresh oxygen and bring on the natural high. It is the ultimate stress and depression relief!

6. Downshift! 

Moving to a smaller and quieter village is not only nature-friendly but will also get some of the daily stress off your mind and brain. Without the tons of lead and cadmium in the air and all the city noise pollution, your brain will spend less time in alarm mode and will be more productive. Fresh oxygen will very soon be your new addiction! Electromagnetic smog is also a not very well studied offender – billions of Wi-Fi connections and thousands of mobile towers hand over our heads every day and it surely is not doing miracles for our IQ. Another thought – grab a handsfree (cable one) and never let go! It makes a huge difference for your long term brain health. Don’t believe me? Have a handsfree trial for two weeks and then spend a 15 minute conversation with the mobile glued to your ears! Feel a difference?

7. Try these:

Ginkgo for better blood circulation and short term memory, it goes very well with ginseng in tea infusions, Spirulina for top quality nutrients for the brain (has them all) and cut down or avoid completely these: aspartame sweets, cigarettes (nicotine constricts the blood vessels and wreaks havoc on the brain cells) and fast food will do you no good!

8. Heal the gut!

Your stomach is your second brain. It stores much more serotonin and other neurotransmitters than your head. No wonder that we feel like we are being plumbed in the stomach when we experience depression and anxiety. Guess what happens when we have chronic stomach issues – brain fog, impaired memory and feeling low throughout the day. Try some probiotics, selective eating and herbs like mint (tea infusion) and try eliminating gluten and dairy products for two weeks if the problem persists.

9. Avoid masturbating! (especially for boys)

Seems kinda funny but bear with me on this one. Semen is a perfectly refined and immensely rich cocktail of nutrients, it contains the best part of us, the part that we would logically want to pass on to our children. When a boy ejaculates, he depletes his body of the energy and nutrient equivalent of a couple of beef stakes, a bowl of eggs and a kilo of nuts – try eating all this twice a day to keep up with your naughty habits! Reproduction being top priority for your body, it scrambles all its resources to produce new semen immediately after you ejaculate and the results are soon to be felt. Fatigue and apathy set in, you start to lack mental clarity and feel like having a huge nap. Greek philosophic schools held that one drop of sperm equals one drop of brain, thus spilling semen for fun means spilling your brain, figuratively speaking, of course. No wonder that all the ancient philosophies advised against excessive masturbation, it just does not feel right on a daily basis!

10. Keep smiling!

Positive outlook is a key ingredient in your recipe for success. It helps you get through the downs of life and to stomach all the stress that comes at you. Being positive also draws positive people towards you and helps balance the increasingly hostile and deteriorating social environment around us. On a physiological level, it modulates your brain chemistry and keeps your brain to par at all times. If you don’t have the attitude, you won’t reach the altitude!