1. Get your life back

Now you are reading this article, chances are that you did not choose your profession by conviction. Most people imprison themselves in the office for trivial reasons like the paycheck or family pressure. When a man chooses his career path, he should make the choice as if money didn’t matter. Imagine yourself living on a deserted island or winning the 10 million lottery, what would you do then, regardless of money? You now go ahead and do that thing. Doing what we don’t like is the same as being not being what we want to be and nothing hurts more than that!

2. Take care of the soul

Working for yourself and leaving your own life is an enormous creative and energy boost. The very thought that you are working for someone else is enough to create emotional blockages and lead to slow spiritual and emotional death. The only reason that you haven’t yet suffered a breakdown is that slavery keeps you rooted in an inertia that bores you numb and keeps you going automatically even through the most boring office chores. There is an immense satisfaction in following your heart’s will in everything you do!

3. Health is wealth!

Offices are insecticized, scrubbed to the bone and civilized to insanity, yet they are just about the most dangerous place for your health. There you will find yourself chased by killer bees, wrestling with bears or eaten by a tiger – you will suffer in a more subtle way. Noise pollution, electromagnetic smog from the 1001 wi-fi connections near you and psychological pressure creep into your claustrophobic cubicle and wreak havoc on your nervous system. Sitting in one place throughout the day is just not what our bodies where designed to do, otherwise we all would have been born in flowerpots. You can choose between working in a 2×2 meters cubicle with phones and printers buzzing all over your head or doing your job online from a mountain retreat surrounded by melodies of the chirping birds… You always have a choice as long as you have imagination!

4. Create real value

Lets face it – office exile is mostly about answering stupid emails, running around screaming at the mobile phone and other meaningless acrobotics. There is a reason why robots cannot create value themselves – creation is about combining implementation and pure creativity, which machines lack. Stop being a cogwheel in the corporate machine and tap into your creative side! Think about your personal role in society is, not as a part of some frantic office monkey tribe, but as an individual. Create something valuable for yourself and for society – write a book, plant a fruit orchard, become an activist!

5. Embrace the unknown.

If you feel that work stifles your potential and you want to get your wings back the right time is always now. I always advise against quitting something cold turkey, but this time it is different. All that I am asking is for you to have some money stashed away so that you will be able to get through a couple of months on your savings. Suddenly leaving your job will burn your bridges back to the comfort zone and you will have no other choice but to step up. You will also learn to embrace the unknown that way and accept that living your life to the full is not always about comfort and security.

6. Join the New Rich

A small but prominent and growing part of society call themselves “The New Rich”. They are lifestyle hackers and masters of their own time and energy. Joining the new rich is all about escaping the system and balancing between free time and income. They like to be productive and that is not how much you earn per say but how time efficient you are, setting aside time for fun and personal development. The financial backing that office life gives and the empowering liberty of time are both possible with online revenue and remotely controlled business ventures. C’est la Vie!

7. Raise a fortune or raise a family.

This one is for the family guys. Parents these days try to pamper their kids so hard with flashy toys and fancy clothes, thinking that it is for their best. What they do is they see a projection of themselves in their children, trying to give them all that they did not have in their own childhood. They fuss so much over the financial part and trivial things like food, shelter and recreation that they forget that being a parent has to do with spiritual and emotional nurturing. Being a role model. Taking a day off or working part time. Being there for the child when it has life dramas. Passing on knowledge and experience. Your children also have fears and problems – they may seem unimportant to you but they are big to them, now is their time to learn how to deal with life.

8. Warcrime taxes

Ever wondered what happens to your cash when you file your tax declaration? It gets funneled into all sorts of budgets and activities. From building homeland public schools, hospitals and infrastructure to… war. And war is essentially an organized crime where you shut down public schools, bomb hospitals and wreck the infrastructure of another country. There is nothing constructive in war, it does not solve conflicts but replaces them with new and bigger ones. We all choose whether or not we are a part of that! Finding alternative means of income can save you some warcrime taxes and the collective karma of paying for murder.

9. Money is expensive too!

The average office prisoner spends 15 years of his life at the workplace. That is potentially about the time you need to go on a round the world trip, learn a few languages and raise a family. And imagine yourself after your retirement – what will you be willing to pay to get your golden years back? More than you have earned through your whole life? Oops – now that you have retired you have said goodbye to both your life AND your money – you lost it to the financial pyramid we call the retirement system. Living our lives to the full always has to do with balance and here it means balancing between earning money and having the freedom to enjoy it.

10. Start an Anti-Slavery Movement.

Now that you have cut the umbilical cord with the office, you suddenly find yourself with plenty of time on your hands. You can use it to fill your life with purpose and altruistic devotion, it can be an intense and rich experience! Write an article about the terrible hazards of having a full time job, or even start an anti-slavery movement yourself! Help spread the word for a better world!