1. Empathy

The closer we are brought to the rest of the world by television and the Internet, the further we detach ourselves mentally from the rest of humanity and nature. People are being bombarded by news of suffering and injustice, but media coverage and graphic images of pain have the opposite effect – they make us colder and more adapted, not necessarily more concerned. To empathize is to feel what the person in front of you is feeling is going through regardless of age, sex, bank account or even moral values – usually the most depraved psychopaths have had the hardest background and need love most. Empathy is the ultimate vehicle for evolution, it teaches us an important lesson – life is hard for everyone and it depends on us if we will keep making it harder for each other.

2. Critical Thinking!

We have long ago entered the information Age which, as any other thing, is a double-edged sword. With all the information readily available on the Internet, smart people get smarter while dumb people sink deeper into mediocrity. What we all need more to be a part of the smart ones is critical thinking. It is a subtle mixture of intuition, moral values and pure intellect and it filters all the crap that comes at us from all sides. Critical thinking shields against media manipulation, helps us to be influenced only by the things that we choose consciously and lets us follow our own path and live on purpose.

3. Super Ego

In our fast-paced, never-ending race for wealth and success, we have forgotten that from our first breath our lives and prosperity depend on the well-being of others. As humanity marches into more conflicts and crises, we are just starting to evolve into clever egoists who accept that we are doing the best for ourselves when we consider the needs of others. Super Ego shares some common traits with its childish cousin, the Ego – the need for self-assertiveness and the passion for challenges. It strives, however, to advance itself in a broader sense and recognizes that helping others attracts abundance to the self in the end of the day. People that have developed a Super Ego also define themselves through what they are and what they do, instead of what they own – a liberating realization that ends the consumer slavery and diverts our energy to more worthwhile activities. Things look generally like this – “I want to be happy and I realize that we are all one and I cannot be happy unless you are happy, therefore I am helpful and supportive.” and “I have to take care of myself to be alive first so that I can help others.”

4. Art

True, clean art is about to be extinct, at least when we talk mainstream. All forms of art, from graphic design and photography to candle making and embroidery, have become a twisted and chaotic version of what they should really be. It has become sadistic, perverse and openly idiotic. Art is about the godly part of ourselves, the pure intellect that admires, creates and wants nothing in return. We all need more clean and smart art to remind us that we are here in this life with a mission – to admire the God’s creations around us and to learn ourselves to be wise and creative.

5. Female Initiative

No wonder that „Evolution“ starts with Evo, Eve. The female part of society has been taking the back seat when it comes to critical life decisions and is still doing it now, in a sense. Women’s inferiority complex has been instilled through the ages by religious institutions and society bias to the point that women have chosen to follow blindly their fellow men through world wars, economic crises and mass genocide. The world now more than ever needs the nurturing and emphatic female perspective that teaches of nonviolence and peaceful cooperation. Women now have to take the lead. They have mastered the ability to bend their men’s ego to their will and they can now turn it around into something wise and sustainable.

6. Action

We all sit and watch television, read books, listen to the radio, spend half our lives in mindless browsing on the Internet. People have reached a point where they go through tons of useless information, just about anything that might come across as entertaining to them and try to make their life decisions based on the nonsense they read. Overanalysis leads to paralysis! Some of us have realized the need to think outside the box. What we all need to do, however, is act outside the box. Only thinking accounts for less than half of your productivity and less than a quarter of the life-changing lessons that you learn. You need to make things happen, experiment, take initiative! Meet real people on the street and stop hiding behind your facebook profile. Moments outside the comfort zone are where real growth happens!

7. Downshifting

Moving to a less populated place where you don’t fight for your breath with a crowd of people in the metro is not only a life-saving and empowering decision, but it will also help bring sustainability to the world. Lets face it – cities where not built so that we can enjoy a comfortable and sustainable life in them, they were conceived and founded to serve the industrial revolution and its moguls. Big cities provide many possibilities but also breed crimes, pollution and disease – it is up to us to choose not to be a part of that. When you are a free man on your own land, you don’t need a Wi-Fi connection all the time, you learn to appreciate the deeper connection that you make with the soil that brings food to your plate and the nature that calms your spirit. You can then use your newfound lifestyle and inspiration as an example to others who still believe in the rat race.

8. Vegetarianism

Some choose is out of moral reasons, others just feel healthier and happier without dead animals on their plates. It is about time we understand the consequences of doing and having what we want, instead of what we really need. And the results of our meat addiction are chopped down rain forests to produce GMO crops to feed commercial livestock and up to twenty times more clean water used to make beef than vegetarian food. Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t want to sound extreme – some people need moderate amounts of meat, myself included. I am simply against what meat consumption has turned into – a mindless habit that does not feed but makes fat and sick. And I am not a radical and aggressive advocate of animal rights either, there are some more urgent things to fix first. Correcting animal problems will not help with human affairs while correcting human behavior will benefit animals as well.

9. Spiritual Relationships

Relationships have served as vehicles for survival and procreation since the Stone Age and continue to play a relatively trivial role in our lives. We have, however, reached a point when we need to experience evolution in every aspect of our existence. The focus is no longer on surviving, but it is now on thriving and finding balance in our lives. In order to learn and grow spiritually from a relationship, we need to dive deeper and wish more from it than mere sexual pleasure, financial security or escape from the boredom of life. A spiritual relationships is about learning the lesson of selfless love and compassion. It is also about the self – it helps you discover your inner nature through the eyes of the person that you love. Spiritual sex does not mean just sensual pleasure, it is has to do with discovering other dimensions of consciousness but few have experienced it, since it requires pure love and a deep sense of trust.

10. Fruit Orchards

Fruit plantations are the most high-yielding, efficient and eco-friendly investment that I know of. You spend just a few hours in your garden and then you reap the benefits for years and years to come and for generations ahead. Nature is generous! It does not want your credit card when you ask for food and shelter. Neither does it want to see your CV or credit status when you want to become a self-made gardening entrepreneur. All it takes is a little motivation and a handful of seeds to become an orchard keeper and eat fresh fruit for the rest of your life!