Mass media is the fast-food industry of news. The average newscast is like a calorie bomb of mind-numbing and gut-churning horror stories that does not raise your cholesterol but could easily lead to a heart attack. The sugary sentimentalisms and gossip stories we have become used to are irrelevant at their best and provide little focus and essence. In the next lines you will learn more about the health and mental benefits of going on a news fast.

There are three kinds of news that we usually see in the TV and radio broadcasts. Most abundant seem to be the cruelty packed horror episodes of accidents, domestic violence, war conflicts and other trivial atrocities. All that brings on a fear induced mental paralysis that stifles your life. Second most prevalent are gossips stories that are supposed to make you drool after celebrities and their lifestyle or other distractions from your own life. What comes up least often is real media coverage of relevant recent events that concern your own life. The question is – are you willing to go through all that babble to hear 10 seconds of real information?

We all more or less fall prey to mass media in the following subtle ways:

  • Irrelevant broadcasts are energy drains that keep you on a roller coaster of emotions leaving you depleted and depressed.
  • They artificially satisfy your thirst for fresh and important information with stupid hogwash and eventually stop you from looking for real insight.
  • Graphic news of dread and death dull you senses for the pain and suffering around you so that you no longer act on it or leave you too overwhelmed to make sober decisions.

Are you left with a buzzing headache and a mild depression after your daily news break? It is then time to adopt a information hygiene routine. You will be amazed at how much more energy and mood you will have for what really matters to you! I am not asking you to isolate yourself as if living on a deserted island – it is wise to always have a steady flow of well-placed information. These are my favourite ideas for finding a trustworthy source of information:

  • Build a network of well informed friends that will give you the lowdown on what is really going on in the world. Independent journalists or free bloggers are ideal for this. People in the past used word-of-mouth communication to keep themselves up to date and although more subjective, the information coming to them was based on first hand experiences and not distorted by mass media. Real gems of information and insight remain hidden behind the teeth of interesting people that you meet!
  • Get yourself a collection of compelling news blogs with trustworthy and available authors that resonate with your own outlook and principles. Get in touch with the bloggers and arrange for a custom newsletter for you that filters what you would normally not read.

You can occasionally go back to your old ways, of course and enjoy the occasional brainwashing and stomach crushing news flash just to convince yourself even more that you do not need that.

Watching TV only requires and activates the passive (recording) centers of you brain, bypassing your critical thinking filter. No wonder TV adds are so ridiculously expensive! Television hijacks the subconscious – the diary of all the things you see and read that writes itself without your supervision. The subconscious is generally a poor adviser. Be mindful of what you leave echoing in there! By turning off the TV you are also switching on your IV – your Inner Voice. It may not directly yield any solid facts but it certainly will give you important clues about your own life.